The Luxury Dog Bed That’s Probably Better Than Your Own Bed

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — An innovative start-up has set a new standard in pet comfort with a unique collection of luxury pet beds. Hooman has created the world’s first collection of pet beds that mirror the human sleep experience, allowing pets to sleep better than most humans.

Emphasizing their uniqueness, founder Chris Benyayer points out, “Most pet beds on the market are hotspots for germs and parasites, posing a real risk to both pets and their families, but they also tend to be mundane and uninspiring. Our beds are a game-changer, designed with both hygiene and aesthetics in mind, ensuring a cleaner, healthier, and more appealing sleep environment. You wouldn’t sleep in a filthy bed, so why should your dog?

Hooman beds are specifically designed to look and feel like real human beds, featuring a multi-layer memory foam mattress that contours to a pet’s body, offering optimal support and comfort. However, the standout feature is a world-first for pets; the inclusion of 400TC (thread-count) Egyptian cotton sheets, renowned for their exceptional softness, comfort, and breathability. What’s more, the cleanliness issue has been addressed by designing bedding that’s easy to remove, clean or replace, just like human bedding, promoting a hygienic, odor-free sleep space.

Alongside their commitment to quality, Hooman maintains a strong focus on animal welfare via their giving program. Athena Olsen, co-founder, explains, “With every bed purchase, we donate a specially designed mattress to rescue charities. This has always been a key part of our ethos, providing comfort to pets in need”. She also expressed excitement about distributing the first batch of donation mattresses among partner charities, including the Lisa Vanderpump Foundation in California.

Starting at $375, these luxury beds represent a significant investment in a pet’s well-being. “Our price point reflects the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each bed. We believe that our pets deserve the best, and our luxury beds are a reflection of that belief,” adds Athena Olsen.

As pet owners increasingly seek products that enhance the lives of their pets, Hooman’s luxury beds meet the growing demand for pet products that offer both function and luxury. The startup’s dedication to superior pet care is evident in every aspect of the product’s design and materials.

Available for purchase in four stunning colors, along with a range of accessories including silk bedding and mattress protectors. Customers enjoy complimentary shipping in the USA, UK and EU. The full collection can be explored at or for inquiries email

About Hooman : Hooman is redefining sleep for pets with their luxurious, high-quality products, allowing pet owners to treat their furry companions like family. Their innovative approach to quality, coupled with a commitment to giving back, has firmly established their presence in the luxury pet market.

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