Summer’s Here – YuMOVE Offers 5 Tips for Pets to Have an Amazing Summer

ORLANDO, Fla., June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Summer is here, bringing warmer weather, fun outdoor activities and the perfect time for dogs to get outside and move. YuMOVE, a high-quality joint supplement for dogs and the American Kennel Club’s official dog joint supplement, offers these five dog tips for everyone and their pets to love summer.

  • Get Out and Exercise – Keep it regular and easy, aiming for consistent, steady walks on grass or cool surfaces. On hot days, dogs will be less inclined to run, jump or climb.
  • Savor Cool Treats – An increase in warmer weather means a higher risk potential for pets to overheat. A great way to help pets beat the heat is to offer them a frozen or chilled treat to help keep them cool. Freeze pureed banana or peanut butter, along with other dog-safe ingredients, for an easy pet frozen snack one can make at home. Check online for recipes for homemade popsicles and other tasty summer pup treats. While dogs do love treats such as ice cream, be sure to avoid anything that contains xylitol, raisins, grapes or chocolate in a dog’s treats. If unsure what one can provide dogs as treats, please reach out to a veterinarian.
  • Watch the Heat – Hot pavements and hot cars aren’t good for pets. Consider summer shoes for walks or stick to grass or cooler surfaces. Never leave pets alone in the car even if it is for a few minutes or with the windows open.
  • Check the Dog’s Mobility – Look for visible signs of stiffness in the morning or after resting; slowing down on walks; reluctance to get out of bed, go up or down the stairs; lethargy; grumpiness during or after walks, or even when being petted.
  • Provide High-Quality Dog Hip and Joint Supplements, Like YuMOVE – This will help give extra support for a dog’s hips and joints and help maintain or support their mobility. 

YuMOVE, the UK’s #1 veterinary joint supplement brand1, already supports over two million dogs a year globally2. For years, YuMOVE has been providing a high-quality dog hip and joint supplement that’s scientifically proven to work in just six weeks.3 There’s also a 6-Week Money-Back Guarantee4, if not satisfied.

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3YuMOVE Joint Care is scientifically proven to work in 6 weeks by an in vivo, double blind, placebo-controlled, objectively measured canine clinical study by the Royal Veterinary College, UK (excluding YuMOVE for Young Dogs.)
For full terms/conditions see

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