Specialized Pet Solutions Moves Its Facility to Spokane, Washington

SPOKANE, Wash., April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Specialized Pet Solutions is pleased to announce that its facility for creating and administering artificial limb supports and braces for pets has recently moved locations to Spokane, Washington. This new location is bigger and better, helping the company fabricate its own products — custom prosthetic and orthotic solutions for pets — at the facility itself. Specialized Pet Solutions would like to thank its clients for their continued support, as it has helped them to make this move.

The team at Specialized Pet Solutions would like to also point out that they are still able to provide one-on-one care for animals at this new location with mail order casting kits and in-house casting & fittings with an appointment. For those in the Spokane area with a pet who is living with a missing limb(s) or a deformity, they no longer have to live in pain or shame — Specialized Pet Solutions would like to provide a customized solution to help alleviate these ailments so that all pets — and farm animals — can live their best, happiest lives.

For more information about the available prosthetic and orthotic solutions, ready to be customized, please visit https://www.specializedpetsolutions.com/products/.

About Specialized Pet Solutions

Specialized Pet Solutions aims to help give animals their lives back. Specialized Pet Solutions is the top prosthetic and orthotic fabrication company specializing in solutions for pets and other farm animals. Via easy-to-use casting materials, the team at Specialized Pet Solutions creates custom prosthetic and orthotic pieces for dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, and more. The devices are completely customizable to help with mobility — depending on the animal’s lost limb or deformity — and are available in a variety of colors.

To learn more about Specialized Pet Solutions, their new facility, and their custom-made pet prosthetics and orthotics, please visit their website at https://www.specializedpetsolutions.com/.

For any additional questions or if you own a pet or farm animal in need of a prosthetic or orthotic solution, please contact Specialized Pet Solutions in Spokane today by visiting their website at https://www.specializedpetsolutions.com/contact/, by phone at 1-(540) 597-7500, or by email at

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