Shameless Porch Pirate Caught on Video

COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Varment Guard Wildlife Services received a video from a client featuring a porch pirate of a different kind. Kelly Svoboda, of Cleveland, OH, hired Varment Guard to provide live trapping services after the scene that played out on her Ring doorbell video feed.

This groundhog has no shame in its game as it clutches the delivered package, goes head-over-tail down the porch stairs, then heads out across the lawn with the unsuspecting homeowner’s goods in its mouth.

The homeowner never did get her package of Lululemon products. "They’re gone," said Svoboda with a chuckle. "I looked around the neighborhood a little but found no trace of my package." Plus, this crafty thief has eluded capture, day after groundhog day, without tripping the lever on a humane trap set by Varment Guard – yet.

Varment Guard is based in Columbus, OH and offers animal removal services and nuisance wildlife control for residential and commercial properties.  Their service territory includes all of Ohio and Indiana plus parts of Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico and Colorado. 

Varment Guard Wildlife Services is a division of Plunkett’s Pest Control. 

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