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CAMARILLO, Calif., Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Scent Away’s Cat Litter Deodorizer officially launched on the most trusted and convenient destination for pet parents, This fragrance-free formula naturally removes cat waste odors using a unique sustainable blend of zeolite and active carbon that helps to eliminate litter box odors at the source. Scent Away believes in producing a safe and reliable product for pets and family while finding a way to make the earth a greener place.

Scent Away strongly believes in using 100% natural ingredients to help combat climate change and provide nontoxic elements, such as zeolite and active carbon. Carbon provides a 10x increase in odor elimination than zeolite alone. The unique blend offers various key benefits of odor and moisture control that can be used with any litter type and help to extend the life of the cat owner’s litter.

"With Scent Away, Chewy customers can now purchase a cat litter deodorizer that is highly effective while also helping to reverse climate change by removing atmospheric carbon," said Jeff Norton, Vice-President of Business Development for Scent Away.  "Together with Chewy, we celebrate those cat owners wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and positively impact the environment overall." Said Norton.

Scent Away is helping keep the earth greener by extending their eco-friendly product to reach greater audiences on the #1 global shopping platform for pet lovers. Using biochar as a core ingredient within the product is aimed to help eliminate the production of gas emissions and providing clean energy while recycling agriculture waste. Scent Away’s mission is to provide a safe environment for cat owners while practicing sustainable efforts.

About Scent Away Products:
Scent Away all-natural Deodorizers are safe and fragrance-free made of natural Zeolite and Active Carbon. Our active carbon is biochar produced through the generation of clean energy, using renewable agriculture waste. Natural Zeolite is a common animal litter ingredient and is a safe, all-natural mineral. Scent Away is a precise blend of these two ingredients, designed to absorb moisture and maximize odor elimination. In tests, Scent Aways Active Carbon provided up to a 10x increase in odor elimination compared to zeolite alone. For more information, visit

About Chewy:
Chewy is the #1 most trusted and convenient destination for pet owners and partners everywhere. Chewy strives to deliver the best products with the best service. Happy customers are always their #1 priority, and their team members are passionate about finding new ways to wow both pet owners and the industry at large. Chewy provides 24/7 customer service, offers 2,000+ trusted brands to build the best selection possible and has 17 locations across the US. For more information, visit

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