ReviewTree Announces a FREE ‘Game-Changing’ Solution to Streamline Veterinary Hospitals’ Online Reputation Management Processes

ReviewTree’s revolutionary new ‘Review Response Engine’ makes it faster & easier for Veterinary Practices to stay on top of responding to online client reviews and improve client communications.

GLASTONBURY, Conn., July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ReviewTree, a cutting-edge client experience and reputation management solution for veterinary hospitals, announces the launch of a groundbreaking free service that empowers veterinary hospitals to respond more efficiently and effectively to Google Reviews.

The launch of this service comes at a critical time, as 89% of all Google Reviews about veterinary practices go un-responded to, indicating that almost all pet parents are left waiting for recognition of their praise or concerns. Michael Cody, CEO of ReviewTree, explains; “Practices are simply too busy to invest the hours and hours required to respond to every client review. It’s on their wish-list, but not on their to-do-list.”

This revolutionary service comes at NO-COST to veterinary practices. Cody says; “We are happy to provide a free solution to the veterinary industry to improve the efficiency and consistency of responding to reviews. This will save a great deal of time for staff and improve client communications. We offer it for free as tight budgets shouldn’t be a reason why pet-parents aren’t responded to.

Practices can try it for free in less than 30 seconds by simply looking up their practice name at

How does it work?
ReviewTree’s system utilizes ChatGTP-4 to generate personalized and custom responses for each review. This significantly reduces the time veterinary staff needs to dedicate to managing reviews in a personalized manner. The system sends reminders to practices, so nothing gets missed, while allowing them to approve or draft new responses with just a single click. Best of all: Nothing gets posted without their approval so practices stay in total control of all content.

ReviewTree has been making waves in the veterinary industry by providing Best-in-Class client experience and reputation management solutions. These help practices increase positive reviews by 10x-30x, reduce negative reviews by 75%, and boost staff morale via positive feedback. Offering integrations to most Practice-Management-Systems, ReviewTree generates high-volumes of client feedback and reviews, all with no extra work for their staff.

The company expands veterinary practices’ client base through word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews. With intuitive dashboards, practice managers can easily monitor client satisfaction levels, view Net Prompter Scores, generate online reviews, identify potential issues, and promptly address concerns.

ReviewTree provides a free 30-day trial of their full platform and a lifetime free subscription to their new Reply Engine for Vets.

For more information about ReviewTree and its unique offerings for the veterinary industry, visit their website or contact

About ReviewTree:

ReviewTree is a comprehensive solution designed to help veterinary practices manage and expand their client base through word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews. Veterinary hospitals can effortlessly enhance their ability to track and grow this critical channel for new client acquisition and reduce client churn.

The platform offers valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels, enabling practices to proactively address concerns, improve overall experiences, and ensure positive feedback from happy clients remains in the spotlight. With real-time notifications, scheduled reports, a user-friendly dashboard, and seamless website integration, ReviewTree empowers veterinary professionals to take control of their online reputation like never before.

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