Protecting Public Spaces from Active Shooters with Canine Detection

ANNISTON, Ala., April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Public spaces such as Businesses, Schools, Retail Establishments, Shopping Malls and Events are becoming increasingly vulnerable to an Active Shooter attack.  It is nearly impossible to predict when, or where the next attack will occur across the United States– to include small town America.

From 2017-2019, there have been 89 Active Shooter attacks in public areas wherein firearms were prohibited. In 2020, during a worldwide pandemic, there were over 600 occurrences of gun violence that resulted in the death or injury of 4 or more people in public or semi-public places.  These tragedies  have taken place in all months, all days of the week, and times of day. Active shooters are all sexes, all ages, and all races.

Based on statistics, there is no way to predict the likelihood of an attack and very little can be done to mitigate loss once the attack has begun.  Over the last three years, more than 50% of attacks were concluded in under 5 minutes.  Early detection is the ONLY course of action to mitigate these threats.  

It is these statistics and studies released by the National Threat Assessment Center in Mass Attacks in Public Spaces Reports 2018-2020, that influenced the 360K9 Group and their Body-Worn Canine Detection founder, VWK9, to expand on their Explosive Detection operational success, to include Firearms Detection.

VWK9 developed and launched its Public Safety Canine™ program in August of 2020 in response to the increased gun violence in public spaces. VWK9 leveraged their knowledge in Body-Worn Explosives Detection training protocols, scientifically proven methodologies, and extensive operational experience to provide a fully trained canine able to detect concealed explosive devices and firearms on an individual moving through a public space. 

VWK9’s Public Safety Canines™ are actively deployed in areas of public interest throughout the United States.  The Public Safety Canine™ program since its inception, has 200+ confirmed concealed firearm finds being carried by individuals in areas wherein firearms are not authorized.  This early detection method and employment of the Public Safety Canine™ has proven to be a significant deterrent for individuals who are illegally or impermissibly carrying a firearm in a public space.  

As our world begins to reopen, it is important that our public spaces address realistic scenarios and become more pro-active with their existing security operations. VWK9’s Public Safety Canines™ minimize potential security gaps by providing unobtrusive detection screening without adding additional fears, infringements on individuals’ rights, or impairing freedom of movement.

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