Pets Need Comfortable Furniture Too – Pawscape Announces Grand Opening and Offers Back-to-School Sale with Full Range of Expert-Designed Pet Furniture Helping Pets Live Fuller, Richer Lives

MARKHAM, ON, Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pawscape ( announced its official grand opening with a direct-to-consumer website offering a wide range of cat and dog furniture to make pets happy, keep them safe, and integrate stylishly into any décor. Now that many people are spending more time at home with their pets due to pandemic conditions, remote education, and remote employment, pet owners are becoming keenly aware of their pets’ emotional and mental health needs. Pawscape products merge innovation with imagination to create a whole new wonderland of furniture specifically designed to nurture each pet. And equally committed to helping pets in other ways, 5% of all Pawscape profits goes directly to pet-centered charities.

"We believe the future of the pet sector involves simple additions to your household that can elevate the life of your favorite animal," said Calvin, Founder & CEO of Pawscape. "Our main focus is on modern pet furniture like beds because a comfortable pet is a happy pet. The hope is to bring people emotionally closer to their cats and dogs by bringing joy with fun, cozy keepsakes that help people care for their pets better. In our early formation days, we noticed most pet companies focused on toys and technology. So we’ve partnered with pet industry experts to design smart products that are as functional as they are beautiful. Discreetly engineered cat houses, orthopedic dog beds, and other modern pet furniture so stylish and cozy, you’ll wish you could try them out yourself!"

Pawscape is currently running a 20% off Back-to-School promotion on all products, with free shipping for orders over CAD $49. Explore the latest dog and cat furniture ideas with the company blog. And to watch fun footage of furry friends interacting with products, visit Pawscape’s popular social media: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.   

About Pawscape

Pawscape thrives on making animals happy, helping pet owners to understand the emotional needs of their pets to help those pets enjoy the happy lives they deserve. With a full line of innovative pet furniture designs pleasing to both pet owners and their fur babies, Pawscape offers functional concepts that keep homes stylish and pets safe. Learn more and view the collection at:

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