PawPAC Announces 2020 Endorsements for California Statewide Offices

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — PawPAC, a California-based nonpartisan humane legislative group with a 40-year history of animal advocacy, has released its 2020 endorsement list of candidates for statewide office based on their consistent support for animal welfare laws. PawPAC is honored to affirm the dedicated work of these incumbent lawmakers to pass animal protection laws and fully endorses them for giving priority to vulnerable populations.

The full endorsement list may be found at

PawPAC is also pleased to support the campaigns of the following new candidates for office:



District 1

Elizabeth Betancourt

District 15

Ann Ravel

District 13

Kathy Miller

District 21

Kipp Mueller

District 25

Alex Lee

District 29

Josh Newman

District 26

Drew Phelps

District 37

Dave Min

District 35

Dawn Addis

District 37

Steve Bennett

District 55

Andrew Rodriguez

District 64

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair

District 68

Melissa Fox

District 78

Sarah Davis

“Animal protection is a cornerstone of a mature society,” said Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (AD 63). Over the last several years the California Legislature has proven this statement by passing historic laws for animal protection, including bans on lead ammunition in hunting, drift gill nets, animals used in circus, the sale of mill-bred animals, fur trapping and products, alligator trade and the captive breeding of orcas. Protections for wildlife habitats have included safeguards for threatened or endangered species such as bobcats, sea otters, Monarch butterflies, bighorn sheep, desert tortoises, as well as sustainment of eroded federal laws for endangered species and migratory birds. Plant-based meal options in schools, health care facilities and prisons have promoted health and wellbeing of both humans and nonhumans.

René Rowland, PawPAC Chair, remarked, “We are thrilled to have candidates contact us to seek endorsement and engage in discussions of current issues. These advocates for the most vulnerable in our communities have demonstrated that animals are important for biodiversity, the overall health of the planet, companionship, as well for ethical choices humans make to bend the moral arc toward justice.”

Voters are encouraged to mail ballots as early as possible, or to vote early in person, to ensure that their votes are received.

PawPAC’s annual Report Card is a highly regarded humane scorecard that provides voters with grades for every legislator, and includes the Governor. Its endorsements in election years reflect lifetime records for incumbents, and recommendations for promising new candidates.

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PawPAC Publishes 2020 Endorsements for California Statewide Offices

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About PawPAC:

PawPAC was founded in 1980 as the first California political action committee dedicated to the election of statewide officers who make animal welfare a priority, using its scorecards to inform the public of statewide candidates’ positions on bills. A generalist organization advocating for all animal species, PawPAC volunteers are grassroots activists, speaking at agency and legislative meetings on behalf of animals who otherwise have no voice.

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