Over 200 Dogs From China Saved From Slaughterhouses, The Meat-Trade, Abuse, and Neglect Will Soon Arrive in the United States on Their Way to Their Forever Homes

VASS, N.C., Feb. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — China Rescue Dogs, an organization committed to rescuing and saving dogs from China and adopting them into homes in the U.S., is calling on the public to help them save over 200 additional dogs.

One hundred forty-five (145) newly rescued dogs will arrive via three cargo planes on March 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2021 at (JFK) John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.  An additional sixty (60) will, hopefully, arrive in the United States at the end of March — but it all depends on donations.

These dogs were saved from the inevitable.  Many were saved off meat trucks, from slaughterhouses and rescued from abuse, and neglect.

“What was once the end of their lives, is now a new beginning for these beautiful babies,” said Jill Stewart, President and Founder of China Rescue Dogs. “They all have been quarantined, micro-chipped, and received all the necessary vaccinations. Now, it is time for them to live the rest of their lives being safe and happy with their forever families.”

China Recue Dogs is a 501c3 organization founded by Jill Stewart, an ardent advocate of animal rights worldwide, and especially in China. Their global mission is to rescue and rehabilitate dogs from China and provide them with loving forever homes in North America. 

Stewart, along with her small team of volunteers are calling donors and fund-raising for this new life saving project.  They now need to raise an additional $30,000 so they can bring in all two hundred (200) dogs and not have to turn any away. 

“Funding is crucial,” admits Stewart. “We never say no to any dog — mixed breeds, banned breeds, disabled dogs and seniors. We try to rescue them all. Unfortunately, we cannot do that without the public’s continued support.”

About China Rescue Dogs

China Rescue Dogs is a 501c3 rescue with the purpose of rescuing dogs from the meat trade, abuse and neglect in China and providing them with loving homes. To learn more about their work, visit https://chinarescuedogs.org/.

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