November is Senior Pet Month, Celebrate with 7 Wellness & Mobility Tips from YuMOVE, Joint Supplements for Dogs

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Millions of pet owners across the U.S. are living, and loving, senior pets. November is National Senior Pet Month, the time of year to celebrate older pets and promote their health and wellness. YuMove, a high-quality joint supplement for dogs and the American Kennel Club’s official dog joint supplement, offers the following wellness and mobility tips to keep senior pets healthy, and comfortable, all year long.

Senior Pet Wellness Tips

  • Help senior pets be comfortable at home. There’s lots of ways to help senior pets be more comfortable at home. Consider non-slip walking surfaces; easily accessible elevated food and water bowls; ramps; and special harnesses.
  • Go outside and exercise, moderately. Daily moderate walks help manage a dog’s weight and provides mental stimulation. If one’s dog has stiff joints, regular shorter walks are best, avoiding high-impact activity. Be sure to gauge the weather and be careful during winter months with snow and rain, and hotter months with heat.
  • Keep an eye on a pet’s weight. It’s important to keep a healthy weight on senior pets. Do this by feeding pets a healthy diet; limiting treats; not feeding table scraps; and setting aside time daily for moderate walks.
  • Check a dog’s mobility. Look for visible signs of stiffness in the morning or after resting; slowing down on walks; reluctance to get out of bed, go up or down stairs; lethargy; grumpiness during or after walks, or even when being petted.
  • Provide a high-quality dog hip and joint supplement, like YuMOVE. This can help give extra support for a dog’s hips and joints and help maintain or support their mobility. 
  • Consider pet mobility products for disabled or elderly dogs, from Walkin’ Pets. Items like dog wheelchairs, harnesses, slings and dog leg splints can help support or maintain the mobility of dogs and other animals when advised by one’s veterinarian.
  • Concerned? Talk with one’s vet. Vets allow pet owners the opportunity to discuss any senior pet health concerns one has. Vets can identify any problems early, help senior pets get on track and help keep them comfortable.

Looking for a Pet? Adopt a Senior Pet
November is also Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Throughout the U.S., there are tens of thousands of senior pets in need of loving homes. YuMOVE has partnered with the Mr. Mo Project which rescues senior dogs from shelters nationwide to help them find new loving families. Consider adopting a senior dog through the Mr. Mo Project at or through local shelters across the U.S.

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3YuMOVE Joint Care is scientifically proven to work in 6 weeks by an in vivo, double blind, placebo-controlled, objectively measured canine clinical study by the Royal Veterinary College, UK (excluding YuMOVE for Young Dogs.)
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