New Book is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Dog Moms: I’m Not Single I Have a Dog

OXNARD, Calif., April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Every May families celebrate the special mothers in their lives. While traditionally Mother’s Day is celebrated by two-legged sons and daughters, it is becoming increasingly common to celebrate with four-legged children too. After all, raising a dog requires a lot of time, dedication, patience and unconditional love, but in the end those wet kisses, wagging tails and endless cuddles make it all worth it.

This year, a new book I’m Not Single, I Have a Dog examines the powerful bond between a woman and her four-legged children. Available at McFarland Publishers, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine booksellers, most of the book takes place in and around the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. And dog love is featured prominently throughout.

About I’m Not Single, I Have a Dog
At age 60, Susan Hartzler has learned to accept, even love, the single life, provided she has good friends and a dog or two by her side. Always attracted to the quintessential bad boy with his good looks and charming ways, she was sure she could change “the one” into a devoted partner and loving father, but her compulsive giving, and fixing behaviors went hand in hand with her disappointing and disastrous romantic relationships. On a hopeful trip to the pound, she found not only a dog to care for-but a partner who would sniff out the bad guys, and help Susan find purpose and meaning in her crazy world. Thoughtful and funny, this memoir follows Susan’s life through the many ups and downs on her way to finding unconditional love. Her journey is a personal one, full of hard decisions, learning to put herself first, and stop entering and staying in unhealthy relationships. By saving a dog, she rescues herself, learning to love herself as much as her dog loves her.

McFarland is now one of the leading publishers of academic nonfiction in the United States, offering about 6000 titles in print and publishing more than 350 new titles each year for a worldwide market. For more information on I’m Not Single, I Have A Dog, visit the book website.

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