New Book Helps People Celebrate Their ‘Soul Bond’ with Their Dogs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jean Alfieri knew when her eyes locked with those of a smooshy-faced little dog who sat inside a kennel at the Humane Society, that it was love at first sight. After almost a decade of making memories, it was a labor of love for Alfieri to self-publish a collection of short story poems starring her precious pug named “Zuggy,” some years after he died. She wanted to ensure that her fondest memories with her beloved pet would not be forgotten. In doing this, the author realized how much of our human legacy is lost within a single generation. Inspired, she created Blessed to be Me and Blessed to be Your Dog, to serve as guides for capturing and celebrating the stories of people’s lives with and without pets.

Blessed to be Your Dog, her latest work, offers over a dozen major and minor prompts, inspiring quotes, and coloring pages that make storytelling fun and easy. Half the prompts are meant to be answered by the human part of the equation while the other half encourage that human to tell stories from their pup’s point of view.

In an interview, Alfieri can talk about:

  • What makes the “soul connection” between dogs and people so special?
  • How has the pandemic influenced people’s bond with their dogs?
  • Do we really know what our dogs are thinking?
  • How can pets continue to brighten our lives even after they are gone?
  • What magical thing happens when we write memories down?
  • Why does she love visiting schools?
  • How does she manage to be so prolific and what is she planning next?

About Blessed to Be Your Dog

Blessed to be Your Dog is a must-have for dog owners of any age, whether this is your first pup or your tenth. It provides a fun and easy way to capture wonderful memories with your special furry companion to enjoy for years to come. I cannot wait to create my own loving, lasting memorial for my beloved canine soulmate, Penny.”  Allison Waldvogel, CVA, associate director of Volunteer Services, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

“Walking through life with a beloved dog brings with it an abundance of experiences and memories to treasure. Blessed to be Your Dog is an easy to use, and charming, way to reflect upon and capture those memories. This book is a lovely companion to your special relationship with your dog.” Lauren McCall  founder, Lauren McCall Animal Communication Academy

About Jean Alfieri

Jean Alfieri is an author, speaker, and rescue dog advocate. She worked for almost 30 years in human resources and organizational development in public and private industries. A nomad at heart, she currently lives with her husband and fur family in Colorado Springs. In addition to the Zuggy the Rescue Pug children’s books, she created Blessed to be Me: Celebrate the Stories of Your Life. The self-guided journal offers over a dozen major and minor prompts, inspiring quotes, and coloring pages that make storytelling fun and easy. She loves to volunteer at her local Humane Society, where she meets great characters for her books, and some nice people too! “Rescued” is her favorite breed.

Contact: Jean Alfieri, (602) 397-1344;

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