Nancy Mello Brings Light to the End of 2020 by Reuniting Families with Their Lost Pets

MYSTIC, Conn., Dec. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — 2020 is ending on a low note for many people, but for ten dogs, nine cats, and one mini-mule family, it’s ending a tad brighter next to Animal Communicator Nancy Mello.

In the last twelve months, she has helped find twenty animals and worked with over 300 more, including a Bearded Dragon named Nala, a green tree frog named Toad, and a chicken her owners call “Mama.” Nancy achieved this with just a photo. 

Ironically, Nancy didn’t start this year intending to be what described as “one of the best animal communicators and psychics in the industry.” A psychic and clairvoyant, Nancy was happily working with people and connecting with loved ones that had passed over as a Medium. In March, one message over Instagram changed her destiny. A black Maltese Yorkie Mix from Islip, Long Island, was missing, and the owners were desperate for help. A lifelong animal lover, Nancy jumped in to help, and twelve hours later, Oliver was found. 

What started as an extraordinary ability that Nancy kept to herself blossomed when she realized the pet families’ impact. “Dogs labeled as ‘Problems’ suddenly became good canine citizens. Parrots that appeared aloof were blooming into talkative, engaged members of their family,” Nancy remembers. 

Animal rescue organizations started contacting Nancy and asking for help with hard to place pets. “If I could make an impact with pets that had a home, what could I do with animals that needed a home?” Nancy wondered. All rescue work Nancy helps with is pro-bono. To date, Nancy has worked with several organizations, including Four Wands Wildlife in Vermont and Love of Collies and Shelties in Virginia. 

Between helping find lost pets and working with rescue organizations, it left one group of pet lovers she hadn’t reached. Nancy wanted to make her gift accessible to all, and in June, she started a podcast. “Live Psychic Readings with Nancy” A weekly free, one-hour show where people can call or type-in questions about their pets or life in general. “This is something people can tune into every Friday night and find a community,” says Nancy.

Live Psychic Readings with Nancy is on every Friday at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST on Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube. 

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