Nancy Mello – Animal Clairvoyant Responsible for Locating Beloved Missing Cat

MYSTIC, Conn., May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Psychic medium, clairvoyant, and pet intuitive Nancy Mello has used her gifts to help another distressed pet owner. Nancy’s abilities enable her to connect with and help both people and animals who have passed. Additionally, she can help you make decisions about your future and letting go of the past.

On May 16, 2021, during a reading session, Nancy received a text message from Ellen, the owner of a cat named Ben. Ellen got Nancy’s number from a voicemail that does not exist. The message Ellen sent to Nancy was “I’m a mess” and was meant for Ellen’s sister; however, it was accidentally sent to Nancy’s number.

Ellen then proceeded to tell Nancy about her missing cat Ben that disappeared the day before. She explained that he was a house cat, and when he does go outside, it is unusual for him to venture far out.

She explained that Ben got outside without anyone realizing and had not been able to find him since. She also proceeded to share photos of Ben. She was distressed because they had been looking for him everywhere and was worried that because they are from the country, Ben would become prey to natural elements and wildlife, including coyotes, foxes, or owls.

Ellen’s phone number closely resembles that of Nancy’s friend. Nancy glanced at her phone and responded to the message, thinking her friend sent it. Soon after, Nancy realizes that this number does not belong to her friend but believes that there must be a reason that Ellen found her number and sent the text message to her instead of her sister.

With her sharp intuition and psychic experience, Nancy connected with Ben and assured Ellen that he was alive. Ben also told Nancy that he was under a car and was not stuck, but he was hiding.

After informing her of this, Ellen and her son went out again to look for Ben. Later they sent Nancy pictures of Ben emerging from an old rusty car approximately one mile away from their house. Had Nancy not connected with Ben, Ellen would not have searched the property that housed old vehicles.

Mello grew up on a farm in Northern California, where she fostered her love for animals and refined the ability to understand and connect with them. She has shared that her gift is genetic, going back several generations. She loves working with animals of all types and believes each animal has a distinctive personality of its own.

Nancy has helped people and animals all over the globe. All readings are done virtually, whether over the phone or video service, including Facetime, WhatsApp, and Zoom. Readings can range from fifteen minutes to two hours and involve a single person and their pet and even groups.

A psychic reading can give you valuable, much-needed insight into your life and that of your pet. If you are interested in a personal reading, visit for more information.

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