Multifunctional, Modular and Modern: Start-up Catrub Introduces Cat Furniture Novelty Catrub ONE – Awarded with the German Design Award 2021

DÜSSELDORF, Germany, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The launch of Catrub ONE makes a breakthrough in the cat furniture market. Catrub ONE, the modern version of the classic scratching post, fits into every modern living style and meets all the needs of a cat. Due to its multifunctional and modular system, ONE can be put together individually. The high-quality Catrub ONE is easy to clean, space-saving and, thanks to its exchangeable elements, sustainable and durable.

The start-up Catrub from Düsseldorf, Germany, introduces its flagship product, the Catrub ONE. The Catrub ONE is the first modular multifunctional cat furniture that includes all of the important features along with a modern design. The cat furniture has recently been awarded with the German Design Award 2021.

The Catrub ONE covers all the needs of a cat: It includes a cosy sleeping cave with cushion, play elements such as a feather and a ball game as well as a brush for fur grooming. The four-legged friends can also sharpen their claws with ONE: For this purpose, it is equipped with renewable sisal elements and scratch cardboard inserts.

ONE consists of elements which can be individually assembled by a system as simple as ingenious. The user can adapt the modules according to the characteristics of his cat. Another advantage of the modular system is that ONE is extremely easy to clean. Through the circular holes in the wall, cats like to observe their surroundings.

Cat parents have a great chance to back the project and benefit from a 40% discount price, and the ability to make their cats and themselves happy. Catrub ONE will be available on Kickstarter for 40 days from 15.10.2020.

All information about the features of the product are available at the company’s website at

The Kickstarter project URL is:

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Patrick Weifels
CEO and Founder
Phone: +4917645786011

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