Dogily Tracking Collar: Elsie the Escape Artist Meets Her Match

MIAMI, Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Meet Emily and Dave Robertson and their adorable Corgi puppy Elsie! From the second the Robertson’s laid eyes on Elsie, they knew they had to bring her home. Other than her being the cutest puppy they’ve ever seen, the Robertson’s love that Elsie has a fun and adventurous personality, which is a perfect addition to the couple’s active lifestyles! But… there is one problem! 

Ever since they brought their new puppy home, Elsie has been finding every opportunity to escape, and she’s really good at it. From barging through the front door, to digging underneath the fence — Elsie always seems to find a way to get out and explore. 

The last straw for the Robertson’s was when the neighbours had a party and ended the night with fireworks. The fireworks scared Elsie so much she ended up squeezing through the side gate and running down the street. It took the Robertson’s and some of their neighbours an hour before Dave found Elsie shaking with fear in one of the neighbours’ gardens. 

The Robertson’s knew they needed to figure out a way to find Elsie faster because they were scared one of these days Elsie would end up in a dangerous situation and not make it home again. 

This very real fear led the Robertson’s to the perfect solution — Dogily’s Airtag Leather Dog Collar! This collar holds an Airtag, which helps the Robertson’s find Elsie easily and effortlessly. When she does get out, Emily and Dave know exactly where to go to bring their puppy back home safe and sound!

Not only does Dogily’s Airtag Leather Dog Collar help to ease the Robertson’s worries by leading them to Elsie faster, but the collar is also extremely comfortable for Elsie! The dog collar is made with 100% high-quality soft leather and comes in two colors, brown and black. Elsie loves wearing her new collar and being the most fashion-forward pup on the block, and the Robertson’s love being able to keep tabs on where their puppy is no matter what happens!

Don’t take any chances with your escape artist pooch! Get Dogily’s Airtag Leather Dog Collar and give yourself peace of mind because you’ll always know where your favorite furry friend is at all times! 

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