Dogily: This Christmas Show the World Who Your Best Friend Is!

NEW YORK, Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nothing compares to the bond you have with your dog. So, why not show the world how much your dog means to you this holiday season with one of Dogily’s Best Friend Sets?

These elegant and eye-catching pet-parent and furry friend matching sets will be the talk of all of your holiday parties and will impress all of your fashion-forward friends.

Choose between the Elin Best Friend Set, the heart set, or the Lillia Best Friend Set, the butterfly set. Both sets are made with high-quality 14K Gold PVD material and they are the perfect way to show your dog just how much you cherish them.

“The Elin and Lillia Best Friend Sets are adorable, durable and pet-friendly! There’s no better way to express the beautiful friendship you have with your dog than through these stylish sets!” said Cindy Lee, director of marketing.

Aside from helping you and your dog look your best, Dogily prides itself on helping Mother Nature out too. Dogily only uses non-plastic, sustainable materials in their packaging in order to reduce waste and pollutants and cause less harm to the planet as a whole.

Through a partnership with i=Change, Dogily is also helping out other animal, environmental and women’s projects all over the world. With every sale that is made through the Dogily website, $1USD goes towards a project that is benefitting a marginalized or underprivileged group in our society.

A Leader in Pet Fashion

Dogily began because its founders saw that pet fashion was, well, not fashionable. So much of the pet accessory world consisted of low-quality, cheap and down-right unsightly pet wear that fashion-savvy dogs wouldn’t be caught dead in.

That’s why Dogily is here to show that your dog can be just as stylish as you. Dogily’s premium high-end fashion brand has individual and matching jewellery and silk scarf sets that let you and your dog express your timeless sense of style.

Go to all your holiday parties in style this season by showing off one of these stylish Best Friend Sets!

For a limited time, use code AW20 for 20% off any of Dogily’s fashion-forward items!

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