Dog Gon’ Wild Announces Their New Pet Waste Bag Dispenser System on Kickstarter

HAMPTON, Va., March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Dog ‘Gon Wild Pet Waste Bag Dispenser is an innovative, stylish, and intelligent way to hold your dog’s waste bags.

Picking up your pet’s waste is the law in many places, but DOING IT is up to you! Why not do it with ease and style? Toss in a little eco-friendliness to boot!

"Our current patent-pending design is easy to use, allowing the user to see when they are about to run out of bags, which can be frustrating when you are walking your dog and you pull the last bag out without knowing it," says Roger Iles, Inventor of the DGW Pet Waste Bag Dispenser, and Vice-President of Dog Gon’ Wild.

In addition, the bonus stainless steel bag clip that comes with each dispenser, gives you a hands-free option instead of carrying a bag of poop. The dispenser comes in a choice of high-grade metal alloy or ABS plastic. Both are recyclable. The included super strong bags are 18 microns thick (traditional bags are only 15), but the holder will conveniently hold standard bag rolls as well.

Lara S. says, "The Dog ‘Gon Wild dispenser has a nifty little clip on the side that you can undo to hang the used bag from until you can get to a trash can. No more juggling a full bag with leashes or waving the used bag near my face as I move with my dog. That’s a game-changer for me."

The culture of our company is to give back. A portion of our proceeds will go to animal organizations that are making a difference in the lives of our four- and sometimes three-legged companion animals!

To learn more about the Dog ‘Gon Wild Dog Waste Bag Dispenser, check out their Poop! There it is! Kickstarter Campaign and score an awesome deal while supporting a small business dream.

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