Benebone Introduces New Fishbone Chew Toy for Dogs

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Benebone, America’s premium brand of durable dog chews, is excited to announce its newest release, the Fishbone. Inspired by the protein of the sea, this long-lasting chew toy is flavored with real Jack Salmon.

"Dogs experience the world with their noses. They’re fond of fish because it can have a strong scent. So we put two and two together and the Fishbone was born," says Benebone CEO Peter Toolan. "Thankfully, our dogs can smell it, but we can’t. For your dog, it’s like a field trip to the fish market. For us, it’s like nothing ever happened."

"Benebone is all about making dogs and their people happy," says Peter Toolan. "This unique design was a bunch of fun to develop. It’s paw-friendly, but it provides a bit of challenge at the same time."

Available in three sizes, the Fishbone is available in pet specialty stores across the U.S.A.


At Benebone, we know that dogs make us better people – we live healthier, happier lives because of them. Our simple mission is to make lives better for dogs and the people who love them. We do it through a commitment to quality, community, and a good dose of fun. We strive to make a lasting positive impact on people we touch: customers, business partners, and everyone else.

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