Anitoa Launches Groundbreaking All-in-one Swine Flu Test for Farm Animals

Anitoa’s turn-key swine flu test delivers breakthrough workflow simplicity and consistent, accurate results at the point-of-care

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Anitoa Systems, LLC, a Silicon Valley biotechnology company and market leader in rapid, portable molecular testing, announced today worldwide availability of its all-in-one swine flu test solution for live stocks. Included in the test kit is an Anitoa’s Maverick portable qPCR instrument, lyophilized swine flu test qPCR reagent, and a one-time-use sample collection tube with pre-filled lysis buffer solution. The complete turn-key test kit delivers breakthrough workflow simplicity and consistent, accurate results at the point-of-care for medium and small size farms with limited access to centralized lab tests. Anitoa’s All-in-one swine flu test kit is expected to be available for sampling Q4’2023 and the company expects to ship the product in volume in 2024.

Founded in 2013, with focus on point of care, on-site molecular tests on human, livestock and environment samples, Anitoa Systems made its first product debut by providing portable qPCR instruments to farms in Asia, mainly China, for testing farm animals. The All-in-one Swine Flu Test is part of an comprehensive menu of livestock and pet test kits offered by Anitoa. Other animal molecular tests offered by Anitoa include foot-and-mouth disease, tuberculosis, vesicular stomatitis and peste-des-petits-ruminants virus. The test kits combine sample collection, purification, and amplification detection in one package, which includes the instrument, reagent, and plastic consumables. The whole solution can easily fit into a backpack or medium suitcase. The product qualifies as a true a “lab-in-a-backpack” solution. 

Included in the all-in-one swine flu test kit is a 16-well Anitoa Maverick qPCR instrument with integrated Android touchpad interface. The instrument weighs less than 5 lb. and comes with a laptop style power adapter. A special adapter to draw power from car batteries or similar rechargeable batteries is also available from Anitoa systems.

“Anitoa Systems was founded with deep commitment to support human, animal and environment tests with our portable, easy to use molecular testing solutions,” said Dr. Zhimin Ding, CEO of Anitoa Systems, “as we believe human, animal and environmental health are connected.”

About Anitoa

Anitoa Systems, a medical device technology start-up established in 2013 with headquarter in Sunnyvale, California, developed highly integrated and low-power CMOS-based bio-sensor devices for fluorescence and chemiluminescence sensing in portable molecular testing instruments. By replacing the traditional bulky and costly photon-multiplier tubes (PMT) and cooled CCDs, Anitoa’s ultra-low-light CMOS sensor technology enables a new generation of compact and affordable molecular testing platforms targeting infectious pathogens in human, animals, our food and the environment. Anitoa manufactures its qPCR instruments and reagents in Hangzhou, China and Fremont, California, USA. For complete list of Anitoa’s qPCR instrument and molecular test products please visit, or contact Anitoa Sales & PR at 408-887-6026.

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