A Transformative Environmental Breakthrough Addresses COVID-Era Dog Popularity

SAN FRANCISCO, April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dogs have been some of the biggest beneficiaries of the COVID era, with adoptions up dramatically nationwide. But the explosion in the popularity of dogs, heartwarming as it is, has exacerbated an environmental hot mess. The adoption of single-use plastic bags by the dog-walking public is commonplace and contributes to the billions of plastic bags that are overwhelming landfills everywhere.

Henry Bevans, CEO of Silverthorn Enterprises, a family business that has come up with a solution, explains: “Despite conscientious people cleaning up after their pets and embracing recycling habits, few actually think about the sheer numbers of all those plastic bags and where they’re ending up. We’re being trained to put our take-out food containers into recycling, but with almost 90 million dogs in the U.S. now, we’re blithely throwing close to 100 billion plastic bags of doggie doo into the landfill every year.” 

The idea for ROVER’S NEIGHBORHOOD SCOOP came to Henry’s dog-loving brother Ed Bevans as an alternative to the reliance on plastic bags. An engineer by training, Henry worked with Ed to design ROVER’S NEIGHBORHOOD SCOOP. Their sister, Maureen, a retired attorney and COO of Silverthorn Enterprises, helped by patenting the SCOOP and trademarking the name.

“We think of it as a product like cloth grocery bags or the concept of bring-your-own coffee mug. We clean up both our dog waste and our plastic pollution based on a shared sense of neighborhood and community, rooted in our shared affection for our dogs. And even our neighbors who don’t share that affection–especially those neighbors– will appreciate ROVER’S NEIGHBORHOOD SCOOP when it’s put to use in their neighborhood,” says Maureen.

Ed, the inventor, explains: “I had a prototype made from recycled plastic that I use every time I’m out dog walking. It’s such an easy way to pick up, seal, and transport waste to its proper EPA-recommended disposal site–the toilet–NOT your or your neighbor’s garbage can! It’s a real improvement over that nasty warm feeling in your hand, the smell, the constant need to find a plastic bag, and the problem of getting rid of the filled bags.”

Ed had so many people asking him where he got the SCOOP, he decided to bring it to market with a crowd-sourced effort to get the word out nationwide. Ed explains: “It’s new–it requires a change in the way we’ve been doing things, but it’s clean and easy and once people try it, they’ll never go back to using all those ‘doggie bags’. It’s important to clean up after our dogs, but it’s also essential to curb our plastic bag pollution. It’s a crowdsourced problem we’re looking to begin addressing on Earth Day with a crowdsourced solution.” 

ROVER’S NEIGHBORHOOD SCOOP: pre-order on Kickstarter April 22May 31: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1875055569/rovers-neighborhood-scoop
; IG, FB @roversneighborhood

For media inquiries, contact Henry Bevans, Silverthorn Enterprises LLC, (509) 290-8413,

SOURCE Silverthorn Enterprises

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