A New Company, Science4Pets, Brings High Tech Microencapsulated Vitamins to the Pet Food Industry

LANCASTER, Pa., Nov. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A new pet food company, Science4Pets (www.Science4Pets.com), is launching its flagship microencapsulated vitamin supplements for the pet food industry, which according to Dr. Ramesh Khanal, Founder and President, “…will deliver a higher concentration and quality of key vitamins to dogs and cats than any other traditional vitamins.”

According to Dr. Khanal, the microencapsulation process surrounds and protects the vitamins from being prematurely broken down prior to reaching their desired target in the body. “The result is much more of the vitamins can be absorbed and utilized,” said Dr. Khanal. “Microencapsulation is truly the best technology currently available for efficacious vitamin delivery.”

“Much of a standard vitamin’s potency may be lost during the normal processing, manufacturing, handling, and transportation, or even while they’re simply sitting on the shelf,” says Dr. Khanal. “As a result, our four-legged friends often may not get the vitamins they need. Microencapsulation ensures that the vitamins are protected, and don’t lose their activity or efficacy until they’re eaten by our dogs and cats.” 

Sensitive to the reality of today’s China-weary consumers, the company sources nothing from China, says Jerry Bruch, Cofounder and CEO. “There are certain vitamins, like vitamin C, ~90% of which is made in China and thiamine, of which ~80% or more comes from there as well”, he states. Even the companies that claim to not have included any vitamins and minerals (or any other ingredients for that matter) of China origin may actually be sourcing from China unknowingly because “…it’s quite difficult to find a reliable source outside of China unless you actually know who they are and have the ability to carefully scrutinize everything”, Jerry emphasizes.

Jerry further boasts, “… Science4Pets is the only company bringing vitamin supplements that are both microencapsulated and non-China to the pet food industry first time ever. No other company does it. None, whatsoever.” Available as PowerPro Raw, ProPower Multi and B-Complex Boost, these vitamin supplements are intended for the raw, home cooked, dehydrated or dry kibble foods.

Besides the microencapsulated vitamins, Science4Pets also offers many other unique and unmatched products for dogs and cats, including probiotics (Probiotic Pro), omega 3 fish oils (Omega 3 Super), krill oil (Krill Oil), superfoods (Superfood Delight), veggies (Veggie Vigor), and natural remedies against fleas and ticks (Flea and Tick Away) and protection from eating their own stool (No Coprophagia).

All Science4Pets products are non-GMO, non-China, and include no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, chemicals or known toxins; are manufactured in a SQF2-certified, APHIS approved, and USDA inspected facility, guaranteeing their quality, freshness, and efficacy of all ingredients. 

Cofounder, Jerry Bruch has had a successful history of supplying pet treats to retail and warehouse giants, like Costco, TJ Maxx, Dollar Tree, etc., and partner and cofounder, Dr. Ramesh Khanal, is a renowned pet nutritionist.

For more info on Science4Pets, visit www.science4pets.com. Make sure to check Dr. Khanal’s highly educational blog posts on pet nutrition and videos about microencapsulated vitamins.

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