A New Book That Can Change Your Life With Your Dog!

NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With Covid-19 here for a year now, we’ve all been living with our dogs 24/7. Lucky for them, they have our ear for treats and love all day long.  What Dogs Hear by Janet Marlow, Sound Behaviorist and CEO of the global brand Pet Acoustics has written a new book that will deepen your relationship with your dog by understanding their hearing world to resolve stress issues using fun technology apps and techniques to provide the best sonic environments to calm and balance behaviors. Dogs hear twice as much as we do so their acute hearing is the most important sense to understand living with us. Each chapter in What Dogs Hear unfolds the scientific reasons why your dog behaves the way they do throughout each stage of their life. Janet Marlow’s research, insights and stories are an enjoyable reading experience that will enhance your relationship with your dog.

“Let me highly recommend this new book from Janet Marlow! She dives into how canine hearing is related to their behavior – great tips! ” — Marty Becker DVM, Fear Free Pets

“What Dogs Hear is excellent … I learned so much. Every dog owner should own this book, or gift it to others who are getting puppies/dogs.”— C. Martinelli

Janet Marlow is internationally known as the inventor of species-specific music contributing to the understanding of animal hearing and behavior. She has been featured on Animal Planet, CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine and an awardee of Pet Age Magazine’s, Women of Influence in the Pet Industry and FearFreePets.com

What Dogs Hear: Canine Hearing and Behavior from Puppy to Senior is available in digital ($9.99) and print ($19.99) on Amazon.com. To learn more about Pet Acoustics’ award-winning products for dogs, cats, horses and birds please visit: PetAcoustics.com

Janet Marlow, CEO


SOURCE Pet Acoustics Inc.

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